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June 16th. Vaughan was being transported back to the B&B when I rang this evening. He has completed the fifteen or so miles into Redruth with little drama to report. There are still lots of blocked footpaths which is a bit irritating but he made it nevertheless. He started at ten this morning and had the luxury of not needing to play musical cars. Martin dropped him off in Summercourt and he set off towards Redruth. He did pass the old steam beam engine sheds at St Day which were interesting but apart from that there was not much to report.

The B&B that Vaughan and his team are staying in is Cometogood farm and very pleasant it is too. Lots of chickens and ducks etc which are very pretty to look at but do tend to wake you up early.

Tomorrow he is going to try to get past Penzance because he is concerned about having to walk on the A30 during rush a busy time and there not being a decent foot path to walk on. Martin is going to reconnoitre the last part of the journey for Vaughan while Vaughan is walking to Penzance.