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June 17th. Today has been a good day for Vaughan. He has met up with some very nice people on the walk which has cheered hi on the way. The short story is that he started at Redruth Station and walked for about eighteen miles ending at the Blind Fiddler on the A30 near Catchall. Now I should add very quickly that the Blind Fiddler is not a pub but a standing stone or at least that was what Vaughan says anyway.

On the way he had a cracking day and met some great people.

First at the start of the day he ran into some network rail engineers that he had actually met for the first time when walking through Hereford. Many thanks for their kind donation. Then further on down the road at a place called Barripper he met a young mum with a lovely daughter who contributed to the cause as well many thanks to her.

Further on down the road he caught his first sight of St Michaels Mount and called into a café at Marazion thanks for their coffee, carrot cake and donation. Also thanks to the couple who stopped their car and made a donation. He was also tracked down by Big Dave. Now Big Dave is as you might guess tall and a friend of Mac Mackenzie from the highland RMA. Dave joined Vaughan on the walk for a while. Many thanks for the company Dave.

Over the last three days Vaughan and the team have been staying at a B&B and have been having their dinner at a pub nearby. The pub is the Punchbowl and Ladle at Peneleway, Feock, Truro and Vaughan wanted to say thank you for their food and cheerful service.

Finally Vaughan wants to say thanks to the Tidworth girls for their text which lifted him when his legs were telling him to stop.

Tomorrow is the last day and he has about seven miles to walk. He still intends arriving at between midday and twelve thirty so if you want to cheer him home be there.