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Seven miles to goArthurJune 18th. Vaughan is there and after only seven miles or so. This morning he had a leisurely breakfast and started walking at about ten. The walk was to be fairly short but was along the A30. He was a bit worried about the traffic but this turned out to be not as bad as anticipated. At slightly before midday he started to be overtaken by supporters. When the webmasters overtook him they waited for him to catch up and then he suggested a coffee. Vaughan did this because he was doing rather well and did not want to arrive at Lands End too early. At this point Arthur rolled up as well. Of course going along with the webmaster’s luck the café was closed. So the webmasters moved on to search for a pub to wait in. Luckily there was a pub on the main road so they waited for Vaughan to catch up then wait for the pub to open. While they waited they were accosted by Bob Preston and friend who were there to cheer Vaughan home. Bob is hoping to do the same walk next year.

creeping into the puba swift pintA swift pint was consumed and Vaughan attempted to continue while the webmasters climbed into their car.  While Vaughan and Alan were consuming their pint the pub had filled with an outing of people there for lunch. Once they heard about Vaughan’s purpose they refused to let him leave until they had stuffed money into the collecting box. Many thanks folks.

arrivingMeanwhile at Land’s End Tricia, Arthur, Eddie and his girlfriend, Katy, Martin and Ella were making preparations. Bunting and flags were spread out across the path, buns were purchased and champagne was prepared. Alan was sent back to make sure that Vaughan took the correct route to the absolute Land’s End. Alan carried out his task and there was much merrymaking when Vaughan arrived. Bob and friend hung back but were brought into the merry making.

champagnechampagne for allAs the party continued a lad walked passed saying ‘Mum, Mum it’s that man’. It turns out that Vaughan had met the lad (well kicked a ball back to him) in Runcorn and he was remembered. Mum passed on her congratulations as well.



at the sighnpostFinally the crew retired to the hotel and ordered Cornish Pasties for all and consumed some beer. After this Alan and Diana returned to where they have been staying in Cornwall and everyone else started the long journey back to the Midlands.

This has been a tremendous effort by Vaughan and all the people who have supported him. Vaughan would like to say a huge thank you to all his friends old and new for all their help.